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Interior design has always been a part of my life. My great grandfather owned a successful textile manufacturing business, designing and printing high end, luxury fabrics. His daughter, my grandmother was an interior decorator and talented painter. My mother Karen Vaughan, began her career in New York as a photography stylist and set designer before opening her own interior design business.

I spent my childhood with my mother and grandmother hanging out in design studios, hunting through antique stores and tagging along with them through the beautiful homes they created with their clients. Their knowledge and these experiences helped me develop my love of color, pattern and fabrics. At an early age I learned how these elements combined to create powerful, comfortable and visually exciting spaces.

I received a college degree in textile design with a minor in art history. After graduation I worked in architectural firms where I learned the business end of interior design and also studied interior design at RISD and The Boston Architectural College.

I left the design business to be married, travel and start a family. Because of my husband’s second career as a professional sailor we have lived all over the world. Our travel has given me a broad palette to pull from in my work process.

When I opened my own design firm I decided to be selective in the jobs I choose so I am able to provide my clients with a very personalized service. I learn about my clients, the way they live and the things they like. I’m fully involved in every aspect of the job. My satisfaction and personal success comes from creating comfortable, live-able spaces for my clients and being trusted by them to be part of their world.

Like my grandmother I’m also a painter. To me interior design is a process of building layers just as you do when you paint. Combining many elements creates environments that are inviting and a reflection of a client’s lifestyle—a true home.